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Cavitaion Peeling

Cavitation peeling is an alternative to manual cleaning. In order to achieve the best care effects, both methods are most commonly combined during the procedure.

Ultrasonic cavitation is based on the use of the so-called. Elastic shock wave, a series of vibrations acting on the water layer on the surface of the skin. Under its influence, numerous gas bubbles are formed, which, by cracking, produce further shock waves, and these break down the keratinized epidermis cells. This is a painless procedure that is performed as a cure or as a one-off, depending on the skin's needs. Cavitation peeling is especially recommended for people with skin prone to pollution and greasy, because it removes sebum that is deposited in the pores of the skin. The treatment is also recommended for delicate skin; vascular, sensitive, thin and prone to irritation.


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