Hair removal


Classic Bikini 45 zł
Brazilian Bikini 65 zł
Mustache 20 zł
Beard 25 zł
Sides of the face 40 zł
All legs + classic bikini 130 zł
Calves or thighs 60 zł
Hands 50 zł
Epilation of the armpit 40 zł
Back or chest 60 zł

Epilation with usage of Sugar Paste
Epilation - can it be pleasant, safe and effective at the same time? With ROYX PRO sugar paste it is possible. 100% natural product.
50% less pain than waxing (based on subjective feelings of the client).
LESS THAN HAIR EXTENSIONS - hair is removed according to their natural growth direction.
DEPILATION AND CARE - peeling, nourishing, smoothing the skin.
HYGIENE AND COMFORT - washed with warm water, leaving no feeling of viscosity.
EFFICIENCY - merciless even for very short hairs.

Classic Bikini 55 zł
Brazilian Bikini 75 zł
Epilation of the armpit 50 zł
Epilation of the back or chest 70 zł
All legs 200 zł


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