Self-confidence is very important for us, we gain it when we are satisfied with our image. The need to accept our own looks is invaluable in our daily life. To achieve this, it is important to take care of your skin first.
With a perfectly groomed skin, you only need to do a gentle, individually tailored make-up.
Performing makeup should be as natural and obvious as daily dressing.

We're using BABOR cosmetics, from the latest AGE ID collection.

individual makeup lesson:
- Analysis of the skin type and the selection of appropriate cosmetics
- Repigment techniques
- Selection and application of foundation
- Modeling the shape of the face
- Modeling eyebrows
- Make up the eyes
- Make up lips

Make-up for the bride
Makeup  for the groomł
Trial Makeup
Evening Makeup
Day Makeup

Professional lash extension with 1:1 method
MIU LASHES silk eyelashes which we're using, is a product created for women who appreciate high quality, comfort and natural beauty.
With a wide range of the lengths and shapes, we're able to guarantee a fit for every type of beauty and every occasion. MIU eyelashes are made of silk in Poland.


Unique eyelash extension using Wimpernwelle eyelashes.
It guarantees a spectacular effect of twisted eyelashes, without the need for an eyelash extension that lasts 6 to 8 weeks.
The treatment is recommended for all types of eyelashes, regardless of length. Safety is assured by dermatologically tested products.


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